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Connie works with clients to solve their pet's behavior problem and to strengthen and enhance their relationship. She focuses on use of positive reinforcement as the primary basis for your horse, dog or cat's behavior modification plan.

Connie has worked with thousands of owners and their pets over the last 25 years and looks forward to working with you and yours!

Connie works with private clients, group class participants as well as shelter staff and individuals who wish to expand their animal behavior knowledge. Please check out our Learning Center Tab for more information on the many educational packages.

  • IAABC Certified Animal Behavior Consultant

Connie is an IAABC internationally certified animal behavior consultant, Canine Good Citizen evaluator, Animal Behavior College mentor and published author. "As professionals, IAABC members work to minimize the use of aversive stimuli and maximize the effective use of reinforcers to modify animal behavior. The LIMA (least intrusive and minimally aversive) principle is useful as a general rule." As a professional behavior consultant, Connie will work together with your veterinarian and other animal professionals as needed to assist in solving your pet's behavior challenge.

Connie has a background in the study of the behavior of systems. Working to evaluate and analyze the emotional processes in question and find realistic solutions as related to your pet's current state. 

  • M.S. Systems Science

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