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Horse Behavior and Training

Connie offers her students a unique learning experience that combines the highly effective aspects of positive reinforcement in concert with the fundamentals of classical riding and applied behavior modification. Study packages include 1-on-1 lessons with students and/or just their horse to solve behavior problems, improve riding skills and communication as they learn about horse behavior.


Here is a partial list we can help with:

  • trailer loading

  • mounting block issues

  • haltering and bridling

  • headshyness

  • stall vices - (cribbing, weaving, headshaking)

  • resistance in training

  • improving balance

  • working along side your veterinarian and bodywork professionals we can also help with bucking, rearing and other riding related behaviors.

Our 1-on-1 training packages are tailored to each student and their needs. Our basic on-site package includes daily or monthly boarding for your horse at Eternal Sun Stable (ESS) and a daily/weekly training plan along with a weekly video of you/your horse’s progress. To read more about our facility and student horse boarding at Eternal Sun Stable please click HERE. Packages start at $425/month and can be adjusted to meet you and your horse’s needs. Monthly tuition fee includes admission to all workshops and clinics while at ESS. To apply for an opportunity with us please click HERE.

For a schedule of our 2024 clinic and workshops for our students and the general public click HERE.

Girl and Horse

Dog Behavior and Training

Consultations for behavior challenges as well as private and group training classes are available. Our philsophy revolves around the principles of LIMA - least intrusive minimally aversive methods as we work together to solve problems, shape desireable behaviors and build a strong, positive relationship between you and your pup.


We can help with common behavior issues such as:

  • resource guarding

  • jumping

  • mouthiness

  • aggression

  • pulling on leash

  • fearfulness

  • destructive behaviors to name a few.

We also teach basic obedience class, AKC Canine Good Citizen class, Therapy dog class, Rally class, Puppy Manners and AKC STAR Puppy Class. Please click here to learn more about our current class schedule.

Our private training and consultation packages are tailored to each student and their needs. For more information on our dog behavior and training services and classes please click HERE to be taken to Training4k9s website.

German Shepherd
Cat's Eye

Cat Behavior and Training

Connie can help with your cat's behavior issues such as:

  • marking

  • aggression

  • resource guarding

  • fearfulness

  • litterbox problems

  • training tricks

all to enhance your relationship with your cat.


Study packages include 1-on-1 lessons with students and their cat to solve behavior problems and learn about cat behavior. Our training packages are tailored to each student and their needs. For more information on our cat behavior and training services please contact Connie.

Three Cats Playing


Below you will find class instructional materials, releases, training agreements and consultation paperwork. 

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