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Arena Sweet Jingle

Arena Sweet is a collection of videos highlighting training horses with a focus on positive reinforcement. The name came to be when we witnessed my horse Josie trying to open the gate leading into the arena! Horses trained with positive reinforcement LOVE to come into the arena and engage with us. Your host Constance Dwyer is a Certified Horse and Dog Behavior Consultant. She has over 25 years working with animals and loves to share her knowledge to help others achieve all their goals with their companion animals! Relationship is everything!

The Dandy Diaries is a series of starting a wild mustang! Click on the link above to listen to these Podcasts as well as many others to come!

K9 Konversations Jingle

In this podcast series we will talk about kind, effective, science based dog behavior and training methods and everything related to achieving an awesome relationship. This is an educational podcast series geared towards helping dog owners learn all about their pup.

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