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Activity Horse Training Stations - August 20, 2022

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Well PIVO has failed me again lol. So no photos or videos from today's awesome training session with Josie. Below is a bit of detail. I hope to get video tomorrow.

I am using food delivery and Alex Kurland's exercises listed below to work on an even better method to uncurl Josie. If you read my original post Josie has a learned behavior on the lead or rein where she goes deep and curls herself into her chest. I am working to shape a more uplifted headset along with more weight on her hind end and off the forehand. I may need to change equipment but that would be difficult so I hope to shape a new head set with these exercises. Check out my YouTube channel for this video which shows how much she curls. I am clicking in that video for any (even the tiniest) uplift. Also, ears forward, smooth transitions and anything else I liked. Without equipment she is much more elevated and not cued to curl as seen in the photo below.

Back to my post. I set up 3 activity stations: 1) multiple mats 2) backing in a square and 3) riding a cone circle in hand and under saddle. In 2 days I am already seeing results of her shifting her weight back and lifting her head up and around to the outside. The same food delivery is helping her in all three activities and she LOVES it. Very high rate of +R and also many jackpots for the breakthrough moments!

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