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Reverse Round Pen - Josie's not a fan

So we started working on using management via a reverse round pen so I could focus on implementing verbal Walk Trot and Canter cues. This was a step up from the typical cone circle Josie is familiar with and she did NOT like it. She rushed around and was tense. This is how I know she is not happy with the current situation. I decided to give this a try because often she will cut into the circle to get closer to me, knocking over cones in the process. The added chain did stop the cone trashing but added to her emotional discomfort.

Wanting to come in next to me could well be the result of all the neck target cue I have used to cue Josie to perform canter strides. She loves this so I am pretty sure it is causing frustration. Here is a short video of the start of liberty canter.

We will be using AB reversals to determine what it is that she does not like. And also which configuration gets her to a relaxed state where learning the verbal cues can take place more efficiently. Alex suggested the AB reversals and we will be videoing these for the March 13, 2024 coaching session. I will also post to YouTube so check back if you are interested in our progress!


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