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Merry Christmas Eve Revelations

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

One of my latest research projects included in the Teaching Josie YouTube playlist is developing my in-hand skills. We are learning through a couple of online programs and daily hands on sessions. Today was an eye-opening realization...I need to step WAAAYYY back. Again.

In one of our latest coaching sessions, Alex suggested that I focus on resets when Josie curls, ducks behind the bit, twists or rushes when I pick up the rein/lead. I thought I was doing that but watching my morning session vid it was obvious that I am doing the complete opposite LOL. Always video your rides and training sessions. They are your best teacher! Come back soon and check out the latest uncut video with voice over if you want to see what NOT to do! ;)

Tomorrow is Christmas day and my present to Josie is to join her in a well thought out, constructional training plan. I will also post that here tomorrow along with the link to the YouTube so please check back for a video of what you SHOULD do!!!

Merry Christmas! Καλα Χριστουγεννα!!

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